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Monthly Archives: November 2012

Resolving Family Business Problems—Part 2

This topic is so vast that I split it into two blogs—this one focuses on solutions to the challenges faced by family businesses, while the first one pointed out those issues. All families have their own ways to communicate with each other (or not), but the behaviors that might work around the dinner table don’t necessarily translate into the workplace. As a matter of fact, without some form of behavior modification, family businesses can quickly find themselves in peril. At the root of the … Read More >

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Resolving Family Business Problems—Part 1

This topic is so vast that I’ve decided to split it into two blogs—this one focuses on the issues that face family businesses and a second will provide some solutions to those challenges. While some people can’t fathom having their mom or dad as their boss, or working side-by-side with a sibling, others really enjoy building a successful business as a family. In fact, loyalty and trust are what make family businesses distinct and thriving in today’s market. However, as you might suspect, family … Read More >

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How to Have Difficult Conversations

We’ve all been there. We have a situation we need to deal with—involving our boss, a colleague, our spouse, our child, whomever—and because we realize addressing it will result in a difficult conversation, we keep postponing that “sit-down.” Meanwhile, the issue doesn’t go away, and it may even get worse, but our fear of that dreaded conversation outweighs our desire to get things out in the open. Believe me, avoiding difficult conversations isn’t a unique occurrence; it’s almost human nature, since aren’t we programmed … Read More >

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