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Monthly Archives: October 2013

Being Agile: A Challenge for Every Leader

Agility isn’t just for gymnasts and cheetahs; while business leaders don’t have to worry about doing handstands on a balance beam or stalking the jungle for prey, they must be agile in their thinking to successfully lead organizations in a new direction—and know when it’s time to walk away. Agile leaders need both vision and courage. The former is reflected by seeing what’s coming down the pike to make decisions about the future, while the latter manifests itself in being brave enough to disrupt … Read More >

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Peak Performance: How to Get “Into the Zone”

Many people associate peak performance with sports and the arts, and that’s where its roots are found. When athletes and performers are in “the zone,” a state achieved by operating at peak performance, they are completely at one with what they’re doing and able to control their destiny—at least for a moment. The idea of getting into the zone isn’t limited to those who operate on a big stage. You need the following seven essential elements to experience peak performance: Strike a balance between … Read More >

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