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Family Business Feud: Getting to the Root of the Issue

Family-owned businesses have a unique dynamic. There is a lot more emotion involved than in a public company where answering to the shareholder is the driving force behind all decisions. This emotion can be a positive thing – creating a feeling of unity in which everyone works together to reach a common and even righteous goal. Emotion, though, can complicate things as well – especially among family members in the business. Family relationship dynamics often leak into actual work issues, sometimes amplifying those issues … Read More >

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Talk to Me

The art of asking the right questions to ensure culture fit As a business consultant, I’m rarely surprised to discover that a culture issue is the root of a business or personnel problem. I am continually surprised, however, to see businesses fail to learn from their hiring and/or communication mistakes and repeat the process over and over. Culture is crucial to success in any business, large or small, privately or publicly held. Yet too few business leaders concentrate on culture fit during the hiring … Read More >

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Critical Principles for Mentoring the Next Generation

Mentorship is crucial for the next generation of leaders. Whether the younger generation is being groomed to take over a family business or simply graduate into a leadership position at a closely held or public company, the knowledge and wisdom of the current generation is imperative to the younger generation’s success. I have found in my work, however, that many mentor-mentee relationships suffer from a variety of roadblocks, leaving both mentor and mentee frustrated and disenfranchised. The generational divide is often the main driver … Read More >

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10 Signs Your Company Culture Might Be Toxic

In my work as a performance coach, I have extensive experience with toxic company cultures. I can recognize a toxic culture very quickly, as the warning signs tend to be similar across a variety of industries and businesses. Many leaders I work with, however, fail to recognize the culture decay in their own companies until it’s too late. And in my experience, those leaders are often part of the reason the culture has become toxic in the first place. What Is a Toxic Workplace? … Read More >

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Does Gender Matter in Business Leadership? Yes – and No.

As a family business planning consultant, leadership development and performance coach, and woman, I’m often asked whether gender matters when it comes to leadership. It’s a hot-button political issue, a question that requires nuanced thinking, and a subject that is coming into more prominence as the number of women executives in the workplace continues to grow. The answer to the question, however, is far from black and white. Seemingly everyone you talk to has an opinion on the topic, so let me offer mine: … Read More >

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