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  • FPMG helps keep the family, wealth and business together.

    Lasting Solutions For Issues Most Important to Your Family, Wealth and Business

    We have the expertise to address core issues that can keep you from reaching your personal and family business goals. Our passion is to uncover the keys embedded within personal relationships that lead to meaningful, lasting solutions.

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  • FPMG helps keep the family, wealth and business together.

    FPMG helps keep the family, wealth and business together.

    Led by coach Dr. Denise P. Federer, FPMG brings a unique blend of scientific expertise and personal commitment to each family business consulting client we serve. Our work is tailored to meet the needs of family-owned and closely held businesses.

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About FPMG

Behavioral psychologist and renowned speaker, coach, consultant and author Dr. Denise P. Federer founded FPMG to help people reach their most important family, wealth and business goals. The energy, passion, and commitment to long-term results FPMG delivers will make us your most valued and trusted resource.
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Our core services include individual and team coaching and consultation related to personal relationships and their impact on family, wealth and business. We apply time-tested methods used in the science of behavioral psychology and deliver them in a personal, professional, customized manner.
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