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About FPMG: Family Business Consulting Firm

Trusted by Leading Families and Businesses

The essence of our family business consulting is guiding successful people to be their best. Led by behavioral psychologist, renowned speaker, coach, consultant and author Dr. Denise P. Federer, Federer Performance Management Group brings a unique blend of scientific expertise and personal commitment to each client we serve.

Our core services include Family Business Consulting, Performance Coaching, Speaking Engagements, Financial Advisors Succession Planning, Leadership Development, Next Generation Planning and Team Building. Our work is tailored to meet the needs of today’s leading family business professionals, combining a strong foundation in behavioral psychology with metrics that prove our bottom line value.

Unique Benefits of Partnering with FPMG

  • We believe strongly that all challenges can be successfully met by breaking down complex psychological concepts and converting them into simple, actionable steps
  • We focus on personal relationships, the non-financial issues that impede your ability to excel
  • We operate in a professional manner at all times so our family business consulting clients feel comfortable and confident in our abilities
  • We are interested only in meaningful, custom solutions based on your unique situation
  • We operate with high standards for ethics, confidentiality, competency and professionalism
  • We have built a strong reputation for quickly assessing and solving complex challenges
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“FPMG helps successful people and businesses live up to their highest expectations. Our clients appreciate our experience and professionalism, our high standards, and our level of commitment to their success.”
--Dr. Denise P. Federer

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