Working In The Zone©

This dynamic coaching program for individuals, teams or groups allows participants to understand how resistant or open they are to making the important changes in thought and behavior. These changes can lead to the successful realization of the goals, whether individual or group. Our program includes specific strategies for enhancing motivation and success!


  • This program is offered in either a virtual or in-person setting, depending on your needs.
  • During the program, participants receive information on specific topics from the facilitator and engage in group discussion. Topics covered include individual assessment, values clarification, emotional intelligence, understanding resistance and readiness factors for change, learning behavioral strategies for change and niche marketing.
  • Active participation, completion of homework assignments, e-mail contact, peer mentoring and following up between sessions increases the likelihood of participants achieving their individual goals. After the initial three-month coaching group, participants minimally continue in a follow-up program that meets quarterly for the next year in order to assess and monitor the progress of individual goals. Participants also can choose to continue more intensively by taking advantage of individual or group coaching.
  • The program caters to your individual strengths and improves your weaknesses, delivering peak performance results. Clients in a variety of industries including  attorneys, engineers, and school teachers have utilized this program to achieve long lasting success.
  • Individual coaching utilizing the concepts of this program also is available for interested trusted advisors for closely held and family businesses.

My participation in the coaching group has helped me face both personal and career challenges more effectively. ... I have eliminated time-wasting activities and refocused on important tasks... I have developed more self-motivation and tenacity. Compared to last year, YTD my Assets Under Management have increased by 22% and Production has increased by 6%.”

— Anne Bedinger, FA, RJA Orlando

Legacy Advisor Coaching Program©

Combining FPMG’s expertise on the intergenerational transfer of wealth with leading research, this program teaches the importance of expanding the concept of legacy to include not just assets, but also traditions, values and wishes. Trusted advisors will learn the behavioral skills needed to deepen relationships with client families and build business by becoming effective legacy advisors.


The Legacy Advisor Coaching Program is divided into three phases: The 1⁄2 Day Initial Training Workshop; The Educational Teleconference Coaching Sessions; and Behavioral Maintenance (including group and individual coaching sessions)


  • Breaking down complex “Legacy Concepts” into simple, achievable steps.
  • Teaching behavioral techniques and strategies for implementing
  • “Legacy Concepts” into Advisor’s practice.
  • Development of individual strategic plans (including action steps and measurable outcome goals).
  • Homework assignments.
  • Peer mentoring sessions.
  • E-mail contacts with Facilitator.

Financially Advising Couples©

Many trusted advisors avoid working with couples either because they feel they are at a disadvantage dealing with the differing communication styles and perspectives on financial subjects or because they do not know how to facilitate communication. This coaching program addresses gender issues and provides behavioral guidance for providing effective financial advising.


  • This coaching program and workbook will address these essential gender content issues, as well as provide a step by step behavioral guide to developing the necessary procedures to advise women and couples effectively. Additionally, insights for advisors concerning special topics (such as age / generational differences in financial attitudes; non-traditional couples where the female is the primary breadwinner, second marriages, etc.) will also be provided.


  • Acknowledging gender differences – Get comfortable with the content that explains the critical underlying differences between men and women regarding their communication styles and financial perspectives.
  • Being comfortable in the role of facilitator – Familiarize yourself with behavioral communication strategies to help guide couple through potentially difficult conversations as they negotiate complex financial decisions.
  • Committing to a behavioral plan for engaging with both partners – Adopt repeatable processes in your practice that allow you to develop a more inclusive, collaborative approach to working with women and couples.
When to Bring in a Family Business Consultant


When to Bring in a Family Business Consultant

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Tips for Developing the Next Generation of Leaders


Tips for Developing the Next Generation of Leaders

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How Leaders Undermine Employees


How Leaders Undermine Employees

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