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Services For Family Owned Businesses, Business Advisors & Financial Companies


Family Business Consulting

For the past two decades, we have built a reputation for excellence partnering with closely held and family businesses to successfully manage the challenges they face. Read More On Family Business Consulting >

Family Business Tip SheetFree FPMG
Tip Sheet

Less than one-third of all family businesses successfully transition to the next generation. Download the complimentary FPMG tip sheet to learn what it takes to create a successful family business that lasts for generations.


Family Business Performance Management Consulting

Using our process expertise, we identify relevant behavioral goals for enhancing essential relationships and create strategies to achieve these goals. Read More On Family Business Performance Management >

Leadership Speaker

Dr. Federer offers workshops, webinars and keynote addresses that teach accomplished individuals how to achieve the next level in their careers by understanding the needs of clients in their target market. Click here to see a list of Dr. Federer’s past speaking engagements.

Succession Planning For Businesses

Creating a solid, written succession plan is key for advisors. FPMG can guide you through the steps to safeguarding the financial future for your clients, employees, and family members. Read More On Succession Planning For Businesses  >

Succession Planning for Family Business

Creating a succession plan is a challenge for any business owner, but if the business is a family business, the issues involved can be significantly compounded by emotional considerations. As a result, many family business owners seek FPMG’s counsel regarding their succession plans, to ensure they safeguard the financial future for their clients, employees and family members.
Read More On Succession Planning for Family Business

Performance Coaching For Businesses

Peak performance coaching helps successful, experienced individuals maximize their accomplishments, attaining the highest levels of financial success and career satisfaction. Our clients’ bottom-line results are our greatest endorsement. Read More On Business Performance Coaching >

Leadership Development Program

Dr. Federer brings a relaxed, personal style to leadership development that belies an extremely high level of competency and effectiveness. An impressive list of executives and entrepreneurs trust FPMG to guide them to become better leaders. Read More On Leadership Development >

Legacy Planning Partners

FPMG helps closely held and family businesses navigate the challenges of next generation planning. Protect the future of your family and your business by creating a plan for the next generation. Read More On Next Generation Planning >

Team Building Programs

FPMG provides teambuilding programs that motivate and align the efforts of everyone you count on to reach your goals. Most importantly, we teach you to maintain that motivation so your organization can evolve to reach its true potential. Read More On Team Building  >

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