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Monthly Archives: September 2012

You Know You Should Do It…So Why Don’t You?

Change is hard. It’s so hard, in fact, that we often choose not to take actions that might be to our benefit, simply because it’s easier to remain in the status quo. We’re either wary of getting out of our comfort zone, or we’re simply not uncomfortable enough to take a different path. The sad truth is that most of us let things slide that aren’t to our liking; no one’s immune to this behavior. I finally updated my website earlier this year, even … Read More >

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Communicating Across Generations Part 2: For Young Professionals

In family businesses, communication across generations is an essential tool – especially when discussing legacy planning and succession. While we’ve discussed the dollars and cents/ins and outs of legacy planning in the past, legacy planning pros tend to make the mistake of glossing over the basic communication skills that need to be in place to effectively address succession planning. As such, we felt it was time to address those issues before engaging in lofty conversations loaded with detail. Last time, we talked a little … Read More >

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Communicating Across Generations Part 1: For the Boomers

For the first time in American History – we have four generations in the work force working simultaneously. Each one communicates and processes information differently. In family businesses, this can create a significant degree of stress, especially when it comes to planning out the future of your company. Those of us who work Legacy Planning spend plenty of time talking about the dollars and cents of it all, but what we don’t talk about (enough) is, well… how to talk to others about it. … Read More >

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