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Monthly Archives: December 2012

More Than Money: Focus on Your Legacy With an Ethical Will

When most people sit down to write a will, they typically focus on how their material goods will be distributed after their death. While those instructions will provide an invaluable roadmap for those who will inherit, they stop short of addressing something you should be concerned about: your legacy. You may find it surprising that a recent study conducted by Ken Dychtwald, Ph.D., a gerontologist, psychologist and educator, found that almost 80% of parents and their adult children believe the most important issue concerning … Read More >

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Is It Time Management—or Priority Management?

“I just don’t have the time.” Does that sound familiar—especially at this time of year? Have you ever stopped to ask yourself whether you’re really that busy…or you’re just not doing a good job prioritizing the items on your to-do list? Time management experts have suggested the use of a variety of techniques to help people get the most out of the finite hours of each day. What puzzles me about many of their strategies is that they don’t take into account the three … Read More >

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