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Monthly Archives: April 2013

Playing to Win—Not Playing It Safe

“Playing to win” is a phrase often associated with sports. If you’ve watched a good number of games, you may have heard commentators mention that individuals or teams are either playing to win—really going for it—or “playing not to lose”—taking a more conservative approach. The same terminology can apply in the business world. Those who frequently get out of their comfort zone are certainly playing to win, while those who aren’t challenging themselves are playing not to lose, i.e., playing it safe. I find … Read More >

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Leading from the Middle: Leveraging Your Influence in the Workplace

Prestige and influence are two very different things, and for that reason, it isn’t necessary to have a title to be a company leader/influencer. John Maxwell, who’s authored numerous books on leadership, including Developing the Leader Within, notes that having a title is actually the lowest form of leadership. This is great news for anyone who isn’t “titled,” yet desires to be influential within an organization. As you acquire the behavioral/emotional intelligence skills needed for each level of leadership, you’ll gain more influence, regardless … Read More >

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