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Monthly Archives: September 2013

Working Successfully with Couples

Not too long ago, men “wore the pants in the family” and women were “seen but not heard.” This remained true when family-related business was discussed with a third party—so much so that advisors of all kinds got very comfortable dealing with the male head of the household and relegating his spouse to a lesser role. Times have certainly changed. A survey from Age Wave/LPL Financial noted that while one in five women prefers for her spouse to make decisions, two-thirds want equal responsibility. … Read More >

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Protect Your Biggest Asset With a Succession Plan

As an entrepreneur, you’re often so busy dealing with the here and now that you may fail to look forward and make plans for your business after you leave it. If you plan to anoint a successor, without a strategy in place for a successful transition, you may unwittingly sabotage your business, your clients, and your family’s future. How can you work toward a successful transition? I recommend adhering to the following ABCs: Acknowledge your pivotal role in the succession process. Given that your … Read More >

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