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Monthly Archives: January 2014

Identifying Your Leadership Style

Let’s face it; few of us are actually born leaders. Most people need leadership development and experience to develop critical leadership skills—and they often didn’t receive that while perfecting their technical expertise. Thus, many managers find themselves in roles for which they’ve had little preparation; they certainly haven’t given any thought to identifying their personal leadership style. The way to build a strong leadership platform involves three initial steps: Identify your leadership style Refine your communication skills Be aware of your strengths and challenges—especially … Read More >

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How Women Can Get What They Want in the Workplace

Over the years, countless studies have been done comparing and contrasting gender differences in all facets of life, and one conclusion typically becomes apparent: Women certainly don’t lack the ability to bargain, but they often hedge their assertiveness when negotiating by simultaneously seeking social approval, something often expected of “the fairer sex.” Ironically, women as a rule don’t have an issue negotiating for another person; it’s when they need to promote themselves that they often stumble. It’s been widely disproven that women aren’t ambitious, … Read More >

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