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Monthly Archives: April 2014

How to Develop Leadership Presence

A variety of factors shape leaders’ effectiveness, but one of the most undervalued might be leadership presence. This criterion—how you are perceived and accepted by others—can open limitless career opportunities, or derail even the most talented people from reaching their leadership goals. In essence, it’s about your attitude, character, and behavior when no one is looking, transcending other measuring sticks such as technical ability and emotional intelligence. Perfecting the following three elements is the key to enhancing leadership presence: Be fully aware and present … Read More >

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Planning for the Next Generation of Professional Services Providers

In 2011, the oldest Baby Boomers reached the traditional retirement age (65), and through 2029, about 8,000 Boomers will reach that milestone every day. This aging of America will result in a significant shift in mature industries such as financial services, since the average financial planner is currently 57 years old. As they reach their “golden years,” many of these professionals, who’ve worked hard to build successful practices, will choose to leave them—hopefully in the capable hands of colleagues who’ve been trained to step … Read More >

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