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Performance Management Process

Our Process – And Why It’s Unique

All consultants and coaches follow a formal process, but not all processes—and definitely not all consultants and coaches—are alike. FPMG incorporates time-tested methods used in the science of behavioral psychology to address key factors that lead to greater success, such as role definition and acceptance, change management, effective communication and performance optimization.

  • Process IllustrationStep 1: Assessment, Planning & Design

    Our first meeting will be a complimentary consultation lasting approximately two hours. During this time, we will have a frank discussion about the primary issue or issues you face and the desired outcome you seek. The meeting also provides an opportunity to get to know one another, making sure we have discovered a good “fit” and that we are energized to work together to achieve your goals.

    • Thorough Assessment

      Drawing upon years of experience as a behavioral psychologist, Dr. Federer will gain an in-depth understanding of your situation by performing personal, on-site interviews and research. The goal is to gather candid insights from all parties and analyze that feedback to gain a 360-degree perspective—which is nearly impossible for those involved to ascertain on their own.

    • Strategic Design Based on Experience

      You will be presented with a clear plan of recommended action steps that includes how each action undertaken will be measured and evaluated for long-term effectiveness.

  • Step 2: Highly Engaged Implementation

    Dr. Federer and her team of experts will be involved first-hand in many of the steps outlined in your plan—which often include workshops, training sessions, personal and team coaching—and will be available and responsive throughout the entire implementation process.

  • Step 3: Metrics-Based Evaluation

    Behavioral psychology incorporates repeatable, consistent measurement tools to evaluate changes in individual and group dynamics and how they can be effectively leveraged for optimum bottom line results. FPMG brings years of experience to this critical step to ensure that your investment in our services meets or surpasses your expectations.

  • Step 4: Follow-Up That Doesn’t Falter

    The world is full of consultants and programs that provide limited, short-term benefits and do not effectively address core issues. Our passion is to help you achieve lasting solutions. We pride ourselves on delivering real value as evidenced by our extensive list of long-term, loyal clients.

Personal relationships directly and significantly impact most family and business issues. To effectively address these key factors and achieve substantial progress toward your most critical goals, we invite you to rely on the expertise and profession assistance of FPMG.

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