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Keys to Creating a Culture of Engagement

Business schools provide future leaders with plenty of education about strategies they can use to make companies more profitable and enhance employee productivity, but they’re missing the mark if they stop there. Research shows creating a culture that actively promotes employee engagement will lead to team synergy, which can be critical to business sustainability. In other words, if you don’t create a culture of engagement, all the strategy in the world won’t be effective in achieving success. As someone who has provided business advisor … Read More >

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How to Attract the Right Talent to a Family Business

Hiring at any company can be a slippery slope, as you must balance technical acumen with an applicants’ ability to fit into your established culture. As a family business advisor, I can see the stakes are even higher at a family firm, as potential employees’ ability to fit into the company’s culture should always trump their skill set. The reason for this is quite simple; at a family business, the top values are typically loyalty and respect. Thus, regardless of how much knowledge applicants … Read More >

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The Case for Family Business Advisory Boards

It’s been said many times that it’s lonely at the top, and that may be true for CEOs who choose to “go it alone” when it comes to setting a course and making decisions for their businesses. In the corporate world, that seldom occurs, since boards of directors exist to focus on governance, performance, and strategic planning — providing expertise, asking tough questions, and issuing challenges to facilitate long-term success. Family businesses are a completely different animal, as the power lies with the owner, … Read More >

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Leading Successfully Through Change

People react to change in a variety of ways: fear, immediate adoption, reluctance, anger, joy, etc. The truth is, however, that change is a fact of life and often necessary for successful companies. A major challenge I see business executives facing every day is effectively introducing change to employees and getting employee cooperation. The decision to make a change is one thing, but there needs to be a clear strategy for implementing the change that takes into account the employee’s perspective. Read more of … Read More >

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Are You Paying Enough Attention to Company Culture?

Whether you lead a public company or a family business, the culture at your organization will go a long way toward ensuring your employees are engaged, which will enhance your bottom line. A recent article in Work Design Magazine by Mike Bahr, a senior research specialist for Haworth, notes that $450 billion is lost every year as a result of employee disengagement — and explains why revived company culture can help solve the problem. Unspoken Rules Matter I agree that culture — including unspoken … Read More >

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