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How to Survive and Thrive in a Matrix Organization

In the hit 1999 sci-fi film The Matrix, Keanu Reeves’ Neo wakes up in an entirely new and unfamiliar world in which he must learn to adjust to his new surroundings, and eventually master his new domain in order to ensure his survival. If you have ever worked in or held a leadership position in a matrix organization, you may feel a bit like the newly awoken Neo — confused, disoriented and wondering what to do next. What Is a Matrix Organization? A Matrix … Read More >

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Fearless Questioning: The Importance of Curiosity in Leadership

When we think of innovative companies — Apple, Google, Tesla, etc. — we think of dreamers who think big, and take chances. Upon Steve Jobs’ return to Apple in the 90s, the company even made “Think Different” their mantra. Most would agree that “thinking outside of the box” and taking chances leads to growth and innovation. So why do so few companies, and so few leaders, actually do it? We often consider the term “status quo” a negative thing, but the truth is that … Read More >

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Critical Principles for Mentoring the Next Generation

Mentorship is crucial for the next generation of leaders. Whether the younger generation is being groomed to take over a family business or simply graduate into a leadership position at a closely held or public company, the knowledge and wisdom of the current generation is imperative to the younger generation’s success. I have found in my work, however, that many mentor-mentee relationships suffer from a variety of roadblocks, leaving both mentor and mentee frustrated and disenfranchised. The generational divide is often the main driver … Read More >

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Working With Millennials: Compatible Values Are Key

I readily own up to being part of a cottage industry that’s geared toward helping employers attract Millennials to their workplaces and cater to their needs to maintain their loyalty. After seeing a blog written by a clearly self-centered Millennial — focused on what employers must do to keep her and her cohorts happy — I was irritated and inspired to bring some badly needed clarity to this topic. Let’s start with the use of the word Millennial. Obviously, it’s unfair to paint everyone … Read More >

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Family Business Successor Tips: Taking Over the Family Business

Leadership change is always stressful, but it’s multiplied exponentially when it takes place at a family business. Issues of business continuity are certainly at play, but the unique dynamic of maintaining personal relationships is also at the forefront of this difficult transition. Much has been written about how family business owners can best handle the changing of the guard to the next generation, or succession planning, but it’s just as important to focus on successors. These “heir apparents” face challenges that a business school … Read More >

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