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9 Unconventional Leadership Tips You May Not Have Heard

If you’re the CEO or President of a company or organization of any size, you’ve probably spent some time reading about how you can improve both your leadership and your organization. In my work as a leadership consultant, however, I’m often surprised that many leaders fail to understand the “little” things (that are actually big things) when it comes to moving their organizations forward. With that, here are 9 unconventional — or at least uncommon — tips for leaders: Don’t Assume Everyone Sees the … Read More >

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Are You Paying Enough Attention to Company Culture?

Whether you lead a public company or a family business, the culture at your organization will go a long way toward ensuring your employees are engaged, which will enhance your bottom line. A recent article in Work Design Magazine by Mike Bahr, a senior research specialist for Haworth, notes that $450 billion is lost every year as a result of employee disengagement — and explains why revived company culture can help solve the problem. Unspoken Rules Matter I agree that culture — including unspoken … Read More >

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A Family Business Challenge: Choosing Trusted Advisors

The statistics about the longevity of family-owned businesses are quite sobering. Although 90% of all U.S. businesses are family owned, and they employ 60% of the workforce, most won’t survive past the second generation. There are many reasons why this is the case, but failing to engage trusted family advisors is certainly close to the top. It’s important for all businesses to collaborate with trusted advisors such as CPAs, wealth managers, attorneys, and other professionals who have expertise in areas that are critical to … Read More >

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Emotions and Negotiating in a Family Business

An article about negotiating in the December issue of the Harvard Business Review, “Control the Negotiation Before It Begins,” got me thinking about how the typical strategies used in corporate America aren’t always going to be appropriate in family businesses. This article, and many others on the same topic, suggests that most negotiation experts focus on strategy and tactics. However, research shows we can regulate emotions like anxiety, anger, excitement, and disappointment during the process to help achieve a better outcome. As a family … Read More >

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Strategies for Siblings in a Family Business

Much has been written about how to deal with the parent-child relationship in the context of a family business, but less is said about how to address the very common instance of multiple siblings working in the same environment. When parents and children are involved, the balance of power lies with the older generation, but that clarity becomes blurred when two or more siblings are involved. As a family business advisor, I recently worked with the owner/CEO of a family business who was in … Read More >

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