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11 Ways to Find Balance in an Unbalanced World

How to use performance management skills to cope with COVID-19 Working from home is a reality for most these days. And while it’s nice not to have a commute, working from home presents significant challenges for many, from lack of space to young kids to Wi-Fi issues and beyond. We’re now seven months into this reality, and it has been a strain on the psyche of many, if not all of us. The reality is, though, that this is our new reality. It won’t … Read More >

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Does Your Family Business Need a Coach?

Are you planning to pass control of your family business to a new generation? Is your family business stuck in a growth rut? Are you experiencing issues like personality clashes or operational mishaps? If you answered “yes” to any of the above, you might need a family business coach. A family business coach is essentially a performance coach that can help your company enhance performance on both an individual and group level—and ultimately boost your company’s bottom line. Coach or Consultant? Business consultants and … Read More >

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Resiliency. Now More Than Ever.

How resiliency training can help companies survive and thrive in the era of COVID19 Stress, anxiety and fear can have far-reaching consequences on a business and its employees. In normal times, business leaders can deal with these issues in a vacuum, helping individual employees work through stress via counseling and other methods. In the pandemic era however, stress, anxiety and fear are the norm for just about every person on the planet. Short of a vaccine—and let’s hope one is coming soon—business leaders must … Read More >

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The Power of Embracing Failure

COVID-19 has changed everything. But you already knew that. Dealing with the fallout, however, is not always easy, as many—even most—businesses have struggled to change the way they operate on the fly. That’s to be expected. We’re only three months into the pandemic. And though things are starting to look up, much of the change businesses have been going though may turn out to be permanent changes—and hopefully for the better. The restaurant industry has done a great job of adjusting their model by … Read More >

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Challenges, Opportunities and Change in the Time of the Coronavirus

It hardly needs to be said at this point, but we are living in strange times—and trying to navigate completely uncharted water. With a true global pandemic on the loose, the entire globe has essentially been shut down, and with it, large parts of the structure of our society—most notably our economy. This is a difficult time for both business owners and employees, and information is a bit murky on what happens next. Businesses are learning to operate while everyone is working from home, … Read More >

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