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Using Psychological Learning Principles to Motivate Your Team

Motivating employees is, in a word, complicated—especially in the modern world. I can’t tell you how often in my work as a performance coach I deal with business owners who are frustrated by their inability to properly motivate their employees to perform and to adhere to their company’s culture. The generation gap is often labeled as the culprit, but in essence, it all comes down to communication—or lack thereof. Good communication leads to good results, but good communication isn’t that easy to execute. As … Read More >

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Talk to Me

The art of asking the right questions to ensure culture fit As a business consultant, I’m rarely surprised to discover that a culture issue is the root of a business or personnel problem. I am continually surprised, however, to see businesses fail to learn from their hiring and/or communication mistakes and repeat the process over and over. Culture is crucial to success in any business, large or small, privately or publicly held. Yet too few business leaders concentrate on culture fit during the hiring … Read More >

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10 Signs Your Company Culture Might Be Toxic

In my work as a performance coach, I have extensive experience with toxic company cultures. I can recognize a toxic culture very quickly, as the warning signs tend to be similar across a variety of industries and businesses. Many leaders I work with, however, fail to recognize the culture decay in their own companies until it’s too late. And in my experience, those leaders are often part of the reason the culture has become toxic in the first place. What Is a Toxic Workplace? … Read More >

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Are You Paying Enough Attention to Company Culture?

Whether you lead a public company or a family business, the culture at your organization will go a long way toward ensuring your employees are engaged, which will enhance your bottom line. A recent article in Work Design Magazine by Mike Bahr, a senior research specialist for Haworth, notes that $450 billion is lost every year as a result of employee disengagement — and explains why revived company culture can help solve the problem. Unspoken Rules Matter I agree that culture — including unspoken … Read More >

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Emerging Leaders & Networking: How to Enhance Your Status

Talent, focus and drive are three attributes that are needed to successfully climb the corporate ladder, but it’s also important to have a strong network, and the best way to make those valuable contacts is through networking. A Harvard Business Review article authored by Herminia Ibarra and Mark Hunter, “How Leaders Create and Use Networks,” identified three different types of networking: Operational—contacts made within an organization while working proficiently Personal—contacts who enhance personal or professional development and reflect current and potential interests Strategic—contacts who … Read More >

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