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Working in the Zone

Legacy Advisor Coaching Program

Financially Advising Couples

Working In The Zone©

This dynamic coaching program for individuals, teams or groups allows participants to understand how resistant or open they are to making the important changes in thought and behavior. These changes can lead to the successful realization of the goals, whether individual or group. Includes specific strategies for enhancing motivation and success! Download a PDF to learn more about this program.

Legacy Advisor Coaching Program©

Combining FPMG’s expertise on the intergenerational transfer of wealth with leading research, this program teaches the importance of expanding the concept of Legacy to include not just assets, but also traditions, values and wishes. Financial Advisors will learn the behavioral skills needed to deepen relationships with client families and build business by becoming effective Legacy Advisors. Learn more.

Financially Advising Couples©

Many financial advisors avoid working with couples either because they feel they are at a disadvantage dealing with the differing communication styles and perspectives on financial subjects or because they do not know how to facilitate communication. This coaching program addresses gender issues and provides behavioral guidance for providing effective financial advising. Learn more.

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FPMG developed the following programs based on case studies with real clients, leveraging best practices that we knew could benefit a broader audience.