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Next-Generation Family Business Planning

Legacy Planning Partners

FPMG helps closely held and family businesses navigate the challenges of next- generation planning. We work to protect the futures of families and businesses by ensuring they’ve created a plan for the next generation.

Among the many topics we cover in this family business planning consultative process are:

  • Identifying in-house talent with future leadership roles in mind
  • Creating a behavioral plan to move forward
  • Learning how to smooth leadership transitions
  • Discovering how to embrace new leadership
  • Ensuring a written succession plan is in place

No one really cares to think of what their business will be like without them around, but since the future is unknown, it makes great fiscal and emotional sense to make plans for the next generation. FPMG’s expertise and experience in this area can ensure the process is comprehensive and incorporates each family member’s perspective. Our goal is to guide families through this potentially difficult process, ensuring their values and sound business principles are aligned.

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