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Keys to Creating a Culture of Engagement

Business schools provide future leaders with plenty of education about strategies they can use to make companies more profitable and enhance employee productivity, but they’re missing the mark if they stop there. Research shows creating a culture that actively promotes employee engagement will lead to team synergy, which can be critical to business sustainability. In other words, if you don’t create a culture of engagement, all the strategy in the world won’t be effective in achieving success. As someone who has provided business advisor … Read More >

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Working With Millennials: Compatible Values Are Key

I readily own up to being part of a cottage industry that’s geared toward helping employers attract Millennials to their workplaces and cater to their needs to maintain their loyalty. After seeing a blog written by a clearly self-centered Millennial — focused on what employers must do to keep her and her cohorts happy — I was irritated and inspired to bring some badly needed clarity to this topic. Let’s start with the use of the word Millennial. Obviously, it’s unfair to paint everyone … Read More >

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