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Clear Signs You Need to Change Your Leadership Style

Recently, a client who owns a family business told me seven employees had left the company over the past several months. He expressed his frustration with employees who did not possess a strong work ethic and were not loyal. He was shocked when I pointed out perhaps he had a direct or indirect impact on these employees’ behavior and/or decision to leave the company. In fact, I noted that having numerous employees quit in such a short time period might be a clear sign … Read More >

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4 Behavioral Qualities Shared by Successful Leaders

If you’ve successfully climbed the corporate ladder to become a leader, you may feel you’ve “made it” and your days of being challenged are behind you. Nothing could be further from the truth, as it’s one thing to be a leader, and something else entirely to be a successful leader—someone who has mastered the non-technical skills necessary to garner respect and motivate teams to succeed. It takes much more than being technically proficient to be a great leader. In addition, it’s necessary to develop … Read More >

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Your Values & Your Leadership Style: A Strong Correlation

What do you value? The list of potential values is long, ranging from advancement to zest and including knowledge, excitement, wealth, recognition, challenge, joy, self-expression, and many more. It’s no secret that different people value different things, but have you ever stopped to think about the correlation between values and leadership? Your behavior, which includes everything from how you treat other people to how you make decisions, is shaped by your values. It’s a natural phenomenon that those who connect with your values are … Read More >

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