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Family Business Services

FPMG specializes in providing family business services to family-owned and closely held businesses, high-net-worth families and their trusted financial advisors. We help you achieve personal and corporate growth in a manner that preserves the unique and valuable environment created when family and finance converge.

Our customized services include:

  • Identifying and removing factors inhibiting your financial development while preserving the integrity of family and close personal relationships
  • Improving communication and develop a team attitude between family and non-family members, which enhances relationships and increases productivity
  • Assisting your financial advisors in honoring your core values, especially as you transfer businesses and assets to the next generation
  • Discussing difficult cross-generational issues such as values, goals, philanthropy and how to preserve the values and legacy of a family business
  • Leadership and executive coaching, as well as seminars, workshops, family meetings and retreats.

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Less than one-third of all family businesses successfully transition to the next generation. Download the complimentary FPMG tip sheet to learn what it takes to create a successful family business that lasts for generations.

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It was fate. I sat next to Denise at a CEO breakfast in Tampa. She said she specializes in coaching and counseling CEOs of family businesses and helps them navigate the sometimes sticky challenges that arise. We gave it a try.

That was five years ago. Today, not only does Denise continue to help me, we broadened her scope to help develop our managers and next generation of managers into effective, smart leaders. And those leaders have spread what they learned throughout our company. What’s the ROI? I absolutely know we’re a better company than we were five years ago.
-- Matt Walsh, President and CEO of  The Observer Group, INC. (A fourth generation- family-owned Newspaper business) / Editor-Publisher of the Gulf Coast Business Review

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