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Monthly Archives: May 2013

Successful Leadership Transitions: Why Don’t They Occur More Often?

Ensuring that leaders are put in situations where they’ll succeed is not an easy task. It’s so challenging, in fact, that this will be a two-part blog; in this first part, I’ll focus on why leadership transitions often fail, and in the second, my attention will turn to what you can do to increase your odds of success when bringing new leaders into your organization. The decision to put someone in a leadership role can never be taken lightly, and in fact, many companies … Read More >

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Understanding Needs and Motivators—A Key to Career Success

How do you define success? Truly, it’s different for everyone; some might look only at titles, while others focus more on responsibilities and the amount of influence wielded. What you have in common with everyone—from bosses to interns—is that your ability to be successful will be buoyed if you understand your needs and motivators. David McClelland, a pioneer in motivational theory, developed an “acquired needs theory” proposing that people’s specific needs are acquired over time and shaped by their life experiences. He identified three … Read More >

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