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Monthly Archives: December 2013

How to Have Difficult Conversations at Work

As a leader, you are often placed in situations that require what’s described as a difficult conversation. It’s quite common to put off these painful encounters because the outcome may create discomfort or you aren’t ready to deal with the consequences, but there is a better alternative: learn how to prepare for difficult conversations and take “tried and true” actions while conducting them. One of the most common types of difficult conversations, as identified by executives, is giving negative feedback to an employee. It’s … Read More >

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Recognizing the Effect of Life Events on Financial Decisions

Most financial planners pride themselves on their in-depth understanding of investment vehicles, retirement planning and other money-centric issues. What they are often less knowledgeable about is how what’s occurring in someone’s life is going to affect the financial decisions they make—but this is something very important to recognize. Transitions are typically at the center of life events, which include getting engaged, married, or divorced; having children; sending kids off to college; and dealing with empty nest syndrome, illness, and death. What makes things especially … Read More >

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What Does It Take to Build Team Synergy?

It’s well documented throughout the sports world how important teamwork is to success, and how detrimental a lack of it can be. Look no further than the World Series Champion Boston Red Sox for an example of the former; the synergy displayed by this team transcended any talent deficiencies and left them holding the big trophy. As for the latter, consider what’s happening to the Miami Dolphins, where an apparent culture of over-the-top bullying led to one player leaving, one player being suspended and … Read More >

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